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Satisfyer Love Triangle

Satisfyer Love Triangle

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Product Description:

Satisfyer Love Triangle White Air Pulse Stimulator + Vibration App & Bluetooth Not to be missed: The new Satisfyer Love Triangle White Connect app offers you unique opportunities! It is compatible with any smartphone, Android or Apple tablet and Apple Watch


Not to be missed: The new Satisfyer Love Triangle White Connect app offers you unique opportunities! It is compatible with any smartphone, Android or Apple tablet and Apple Watch. And best of all: it’s free for you, and exciting new features await you every month. It’s no wonder that the Satisfyer Connect app has been honored at the world’s largest CES consumer electronics show in Las Vegas.

Data security 100% data security
The application complies with all strict German data protection requirements. Also, no registration required! Satisfyer Connect does not collect any usage data or behavior. Therefore, your data is 100% secure at all times.

Satisfyer Love Triangle White Remote control Remote control
Use your mobile phone or Apple Watch via Bluetooth or the Internet as a remote control for all his / her Satisfyer or Satisfyer of others (of course, only and if requested by both parties). Or check the satisfaction of other users live in video chats! Designer

Vibration Designer Vibrations
Design your own vibrations and share them with other users around the world if you want.

Ambient Vibration Ambient Vibration
Use your mobile phone’s microphone to transform ambient noise into vibrations.

Playlist Vibration Vibration Playlist
Experience vibrations to the beat of your playlist on Spotify or other streaming services.

R-Love-ution and download the free Satisfyer Connect app on your smartphone! Experience fun adventures – remote control and exclusive features like haptic programming, infinitely individually adjustable vibration programs, motion detection or even the interaction of various connected toys – try it out and expect cool new features every month! Just download the free app for Android or Apple iOs and the app is ready! Satisfyer Love Triangle White
Satisfyer unveiled its revolutionary new app at the world’s largest consumer electronics fair in Las Vegas ‘CES’:

Due to the successful interplay of sexual well-being and technology, the Satisfyer Connect app won the world-renowned CES TWICE Picks award. The CES jury especially praised haptic programming, motion detection, and the ability to create new vibration programs.

The CES TWICE Picks Award is only awarded to the best consumer goods in the world.

Do unforgettable clitoral orgasms seem like an erotic utopia? Then prepare yourself for a surprise, because with the Love Triangle Satisfyer it will show you the existence of sexual aspects that will shake your universe, even through the control of the application. Non-contact pressure wave stimulation combined with intense vibrations: if your libido jumps again into a triangle, this stylish lady’s toy is the solution of choice!

3, 2, 1 – ORGASM! Satisfyer Love Triangle White
The unforgettable stimulation of the clitoris of pressure waves enchants you with an infinite selection of programs of pressure waves and vibrations that you can control through the application. But this sympathetic woman not only convinces with her abilities, her noble design also makes the Love Triangle a highlight in her toy collection. It fits perfectly in the hand and flatters your skin with a smooth surface of medical silicone. Hardly recognizable as a toy and in a compact format, the hot vibrator is also the ideal companion to carry. With the cap you can also hygienically close her head.

Satisfyer Love Triangle White Your toy is equipped with built-in batteries and is therefore rechargeable with the environment. If necessary, the included USB magnetic charging cable can be supplemented by a standard 5V mains plug.

The head of your waterproof toy is made of soft and silky medical silicone, which is extremely slippery and absorbs heat from your body quickly. The toy can be easily cleaned with a little soap under warm water. With a little toy disinfectant cleaner, you can ensure especially deep hygiene afterward, ideally with Satisfyer’s perfectly coordinated disinfection spray. For maximum pleasure, always use your toy with one of Satisfyer’s water-based lubricants that fit the product perfectly. They are available in the classic, silky and warm versions. The vegan, water-based composition protects the material and keeps the surface of your toy nice and smooth.


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