How to Clean Sex Toys

Keeping your sex toys clean is a significant part of sexual health and will help your sex toys last longer. Nearly all sex toys come with instructions on proper cleaning, but here are some general rules on how to clean your sex toys. How you clean your sex toys is strongly dependent on the material of the sex toys.

If you have a non-mechanized sex toy like a solid silicone dildo or a mechanized sex toy that is splash proof or waterproof, you can easily clean it with a mild disinfectant soap and water. Mechanized sex toys will need to be washed more carefully, and those with batteries will need to be removed before cleaning. In general, splashproof sex toys can be wiped down and rinsed under water, while waterproof sex toys can be completely submerged in water.

Boiling - The boiling method is best for sex toys made from 100% silicone, stainless steel, or borosilicate glass. To disinfect your sex toys, boil a pot of water and submerge your waterproof sex toys for about three minutes. Boiling sex toys at high temperatures will quickly kill any unwanted bacteria.

Dishwashing - Since the dishwasher reaches a high temperature, it is another excellent way to clean sex toys. Non-mechanized sex toys made from silicone, stainless steel, and glass can be cleaned on the sanitize cycle in the dishwasher. Just make sure you don’t use any soap since it can cause the sex toys can deteriorate.

Bleaching - Sex toys that are considered 100% waterproof can be disinfected with a bleach solution. After using mild soap and water, you can spray the toys with bleach or soak the toys in a bleach solution for about 10 minutes. To make the bleach solution, add ⅓ cup of bleach for every gallon of water.