Lubes And Why They Matter

Difference Between Lubes

These three following personal lubricants are the most common types of lubricants. Read on to decide which is the best option for you.

Water-based lube - is a great lube to start with since it is easy to use and gentle on the skin. However, it does dry out the fastest out of all the different lubes, and it cannot be used in the shower since it will be washed away easily. On the other hand, water-based lube can be used for masturbation, sex toys, and penetrative sex. Plus, it will easily wash out of your sheets and clothing.

Silicone-based lube - is more slippery than water-based lube, and it can be used in the shower since it is harder to wash off. It is important to be careful with silicone-based lube since it can stain your sheets and ruin your hardwood floor.

Oil-based lube - is also a slippery lube that lasts longer than water-based lube. Since it is oil-based, it repels water and can also be used in the shower. Even though the properties of oil and water are beneficial for shower sex, it also makes it more difficult to clean off. You can also give your partner a sensual massage with oil-based lube. It is important to note that oil-based lubes can cause latex condoms to dissolve or break, so it is best to only use an oil-based lube with unprotected sex.


What Type of Lube to Use with Sex Toys?

Sex toys will always come with instructions on the best lube to use with the specific sex toys. You can use a water-based lubricant with sex toys made from any material, so it is always a safe bet. Just make sure you never use silicone lubricant with a silicone sex toy since it will break down the material.